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Welcome to Flatland


Flatland Equipment is a company that rents vehicles and base camp equipment to film and television productions, in support of productions that take place on location.

Icon 1What Flatland Equipment Offers

A selection of rental cube trucks, trailers (each with its own fully contained base camp equipment package), as well as a number of F250, F350 and E250 Cargo Vans.

Icon 2Canadian Friendly Business Serving You

We travel all through Western Canada. Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg.

Icon 3Cost Friendly and Effective

We provide vehicles and equipment required with out the increased costs related to schedule changes and accommodates short pushes.


We helped in the production of Corner Gas. DVD released on December 16th 2014!
Corner Gas

Corner Gas Finishes Production
25 Jul


July 22 – Corner Gas finishes production in Saskatchewan.