Brandy H.
Flatland Showed Up With What We Were Looking For

When it comes to getting production equipment, trucks, vans and other production necessities, quality is without question of top importance. Nobody wants to be in a situation where quality was an issue or where’s there’s limited stock; without the possibility of replacement. I’ve encountered this on past productions and it’s been really challenging.

Then Flatland Equipment showed up, with exactly what we were looking for.

Trona Lee Garvie
Locations Manager - Big Muddy
Organization Is Key

The truck I rented from Flatland was organized and the gear was easy to access.  When you live in a truck for 6 weeks, organization is key.

Mike Black
The Best Referrals Are From...

To me, the best referrals are from the other professionals in my field.  I kept hearing that Flatland and their crew are professional. If there’s an issue with anything they are quick to act on it and get it solved. Their equipment is really good. I kept hearing that from everybody.

I’m happy I took the suggestion and rented from them; working with Flatland gets easier with each production. 

They make my job easier and I can think of other important tasks.

Neal Baksh
They Kinda Saved the Show!

I was on a show a few years ago; we were not even using a Flatland Production Kit, because the producer of that show had his own kit. We were in a situation where it was on a weekend and we were shooting at Birds Hill Park outdoors. The heaters that we had were not going to be sufficient. The producer was like, “What should I do?” I can go buy some heaters, but I don't think I'm going to be able to get them in time. So, I said, well, “Let me see what I can do.” And I just texted Phil from  flatlandequipment.ca  and I said, this is the situation, and the must for the day. And he said, “Absolutely”. And literally, you know, within two hours, I drove back to the city met Susan at the shop and picked out a few heaters and some propane tanks. It kind of saved the show! We brought the heaters back out to Birds Hill Park and we were able to have heat in our tent, the cast tent and our monitor tent.

It was an emergency situation where we weren't even using a Flatland Kit, but of course the Flatland Team is always more than willing to assistance, and  help out a production in need.

They Kinda Saved the Show!

Maggie May
Quick Response

Quick response, easy setup/take down for a great price.

Alex White
Quick and Reliable

Flatland has always been able to provide quality equipment and is reliable especially for quick or emergency needs.

Brandy H.
The Quality Of The Gear And Responsiveness Makes The Difference

We really appreciate the responsiveness and the quality of the gear. That's really what it comes down to, the fact that we can get what we need and get it when we need it.

It seems like on every show there's something that comes up where it's like, oh my God, we need this now. Call Flatland. And then we call Flatland and then, they either drops it off or we come and get it.

I recommend Flatland to all my production friends and associates, I always do!  

I just know that whenever issues come up, it hasn't been an issue and we've been able to get what we need.

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