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Explore equipment rentals for Local Film Productions,  Core Location Kit Equipment Rental, Commercial Production Location Equipment Rental, Music Videos Base camp  Equipment Rentals, Special Events, Daily equipment rentals, Tent Rentals, Tables & Chairs from Flatland Equipment Rentals. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Vancouver, BC & Western Canada.

Any Group Size From Just Us 4,
Up To 500 People

We handle delivery & pick up, sit back, leave the set up/tear down to us.

The Backyard is a great space for small intimate parties of 4 or big backyard BBQ bashes  of over 500 to celebrate your next event. Backyard Tent Parties supplies all your event tenting needs, regardless of if it’s in the front yard too. It doesn’t matter where your event is, we’ve got a tent for you.

Film & Production Cargo Van, Car & Truck Rental

Everything you need to know about how the big car rental companies damage policies, the insider secrets they don’t want you to know about.

Replacement Guaranteed

  • We guarantee it works or we replace it.
  • We’ll maintain the Trucks and Vans; you just rent them.
  • Great Insurance Policies to help you.
  • Productions and events Need Hassle Free Rental companies who say YES!
  • We throw in the BALL HITCHES, no hidden fees or costs!
Panel Van

Daily Rentals

Daily Rentals for Film, TV, Commercials, Music Videos, Special Events or your Backyard Party.

Sometimes your production just needs a few tents, tables, chairs, makeup mirrors or some of our over 5000 expendables.

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Daily Rentals

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Up to 8 weeks plus Core Kit Rentals Packages.

Rentals for Movies & Film, TV, Commercials, Music Videos, Special Events or your Backyard Party.

Customize Your Kit

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We have over 5000 products to choose from

Core Kit Packages

Quality Guaranteed

All Our Equipment is Guaranteed to work or we replace it.

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Rentals with us has it’s rewards, ask about our weekly specials & deals.

We Show You How

We show you how we operate so there’s never any surprises

Client Testimonials

Maggie May
Quick Response

Quick response, easy setup/take down for a great price.

Mike Black
The Best Referrals Are From…

To me, the best referrals are from the other professionals in my field.  I kept hearing that Flatland and their crew are professional. If there’s an issue with anything they are quick to act on it and get it solved. Their equipment is really good. I kept hearing that from everybody.

I’m happy I took the suggestion and rented from them; working with Flatland gets easier with each production. 

They make my job easier and I can think of other important tasks.

Brandy H.
The Quality Of The Gear And Responsiveness Makes The Difference

We really appreciate the responsiveness and the quality of the gear. That's really what it comes down to, the fact that we can get what we need and get it when we need it.

It seems like on every show there's something that comes up where it's like, oh my God, we need this now. Call Flatland. And then we call Flatland and then, they either drops it off or we come and get it.

I recommend Flatland to all my production friends and associates, I always do!  

I just know that whenever issues come up, it hasn't been an issue and we've been able to get what we need.

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Equipment Rentals for Film, TV, Commercials, Music Videos, Special Events or your Backyard Party.

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