Clients we've worked with in the past.

CBS Studio
NBC Universal Productions
1121565BC Ltd & 7571101 MB Inc
2017 Canada Summer Games
7192836 Manitoba Inc
7431709 Manitoba Ltd/ Mr. Snowman
9674322 Canada Inc
A Very Sordid Wedding Manitoba Inc
Arcola Nomis Productions BC Inc
Bamboo Shoots
Bell Red Road Production Inc
Big Muddy Productions Inc
Blackstone Cycle V Ltd.
Blackwatch Entertainment
Bly Films Manitoba Inc
Break My Heart Production Inc
Buffalo Gal Pictures
Cashing In Season IV Inc
CDP Production Inc
Chesapeake Shores S2 Production
Cheshire Smile Animation
Childrens Hospital Foundation
Christmas Comet Prod Ltd
Come to Daddy Production Inc
Considering Love Manitoba Inc
Corner Gas The Movie (SK) Inc.
Crestview Park FM Church
Daughters Production Inc
Devil’s Gate Manitoba the Movie
DGC Manitoba Dist Council
Doerksen Enterprises Ltd
Eagle Vision Productions
Film Training Manitoba
Five Night Fright Productions
Food Films Inc
Frank Digital
Grim Reaper Productions Inc
Grudge North Productions Inc
Head Cold Productions Inc
Holidate Production Inc
How it Ends Production Inc
Humanity Production Inc

Invisible Light Production Manitoba Inc
Java Post Production
JR Roofing & Company Inc
Keeping True
Lost Genius Films
Love In Design Pictures Inc
Love of Course
Managing Manhattan Productions Inc
Media Vu Inc
Midnight Productions Inc
Molly & Max Production Inc
Noona and Friends Care
Not A Bad Person Production
Other Side/The
Pender Street Pictures 2 Inc.
Pender Street Pictures 4 Inc.
Perfect Match/ Farpoint MOW 1 Inc
Picante Advertising Inc
Pink Pictures Inc.
Pretty pictures Inc.
Recall Productions Inc
Regina Bravo Winterfest Inc
Rock and Gold Productions Inc
Rollin On Manufacturing & Leasing
Room for Rent MB Inc
Scott Phelps & Mason
Section 2 Production Ltd
Sequola Content Limited
Settle Production Inc
SGI Auto Fund
Shuttle Drive Pictures Inc
Siberia The Movie Production
Sid Films Inc
Slay Films Inc.
Smokey Mountain Films Inc
Snowbound Pictures Inc
Snowed In Manitoba Inc
Somebody’s Film Inc
Sorry for your loss
Spittin image
St Paul’s Hospital Foundation
Straight A’s Productions Inc

Strike! Movie Manitoba Corp
Strings Manitoba Productions Inc.
Summon Pictures Inc
Surrogate Nightmare Production Inc
TCF BCM Production Limited
The Other Side Season 4
The Wu Project Productions
Trench 11
Wash Away Manitoba Inc
Winnipeg Food Festival
Wolf Cop Productions Inc.
WT Canada Productions Ltd
YAR Production Inc
young and rich productions 2 Inc.
Zhoh Daatsuk Production Inc
Zodiac Pictures Inc