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Yard Parties Packages


Cast and Crew

Chair - Folding
Director/Cast Chairs
Hair & Make-up Mirrors
6' Table 
8' Table
10' x 10' M Tents BLK 
10' x 10' M Tents WHT 
10' x 15' M Tent BLK 
5' Tent Left Wall – Black 
5' Tent Right Wall – Black 
5' Tent Left Wall – White 
5' Tent Right Wall – White 
8' Tent Left Wall – Black 
8' Tent Right Wall – Black 
10' Tent Wall – Black 
10' Tent Wall – Black 
10' x 10' Tent kit - includes 3x10' & 2x5' walls 
10' x 15' Tent kit - includes 1x15', 2x10' & 2x8' walls 
20' x 40' Marquee Tent WHT with Walls 
30' x 30' Marquee Tent WHT with Walls 
20' x 20' Marquee Tent 
10' x 20' White Canopy & Walls 
 10' x 10' Popup Tent - White Canopy & Walls 
Tent stakes - sets 
Cocktail / Bar Tables 
8 Foot Tables (Rectangular) Seats 8-10 
6 Foot Tables (Rectangular) Seats 6-8 
4 Foot Tables (Rectangular) 
60’ Round Table - Seats 8 
Rectangle Table Linens - White or Black 
Round Table Linens - White Only 
Cocktail Bar Table Linens (White or Black) 
Folding Chairs - Black 
Dance Floor 4’ x 4’ square 
Subflooring for dance floor 
Garbage Cans - with bags 
Garbage Can - Lrg grey 
Garbage Can - Lrg Black w/lids 
Recyling Bins (Med) 
Recyling Bins (Large) 
Butt Buckets - economical 
Galvanized Pails 
Box Fans 
Heater (35000BTU) - upright 
Heater (35000BTU) - circular 
Propane Tanks (Full) 
20' x 40' Marquee Tent WHT with Walls 
Lighting - 30ft Strings 
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Traffic Control

Safety Vests 
Traffic Cones 
Stop/Slow Paddle 
Paddle Extension Poles 
Traffic Wands 
Baricade Rails 
Baricade Ends 
Location Arrows 
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Health & Safety

Fire Extinguisher ABC 
Fire Extinguisher Co2 
Air Purifier - HEPA Filter - Large format 

Locations INT/EXT Care

Butt Sweeps (broom, dust pan, clip) 
Exterior Push Broom 
Dust Mop 18" 
Corn Broom 
Dust Pan - Metal 
General Inside Broom 
Deck Broom w/Expandable Handle 
Hand Sweep w/Dust Pan 
Industrial Mop 
Industrial Mop Bucket 
Wet Floor Sign 
Garbage Pickers 
Leaf Rake 
Garden Rake 
Dirt Shovel 
Snow Shovel 
Hedge Shears 
Pruning Shears 
Sandwich Board 
Smilies - tennis balls - 30/bucket 
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Tools & Misc

Truck Ramp 
Hand Dolly - SM 
Hand Dolly - Full 
Hand Dolly - Full 
Hand Dolly - Convertible 
Shop Vac
Pony (spring) Clamp – Med
Pony (spring) Clamp – Lrg
5 Gal Pails
Work Lights (floor light) 
Work Lights (stand light) 
Power Bar
25' Ext Cord 
50' Ext Cord 
Straps - Rachet (4 Pack) 
Straps - Bungee (Asst. 24 Pack)
Tarps 9'x12'
Tarps 10'x12'
Tarps 14'x18'
Tool Kit* - see below for contents 
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Tool Kit Contents

Tool box
Rubber Mallet
Claw Hammer
Dead Blow Hammer
Staple Gun - Light Duty
Tin Snips
Screwdriver - Multibit
Locking Pliers
Adjustable wrench - 3-set
Hex Wrench Set - Metric
Hex Wrench Set - Imperial
Tape Measure
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